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Commissions are now closed for the time being. If you've messaged me already, you're good to go, even if I haven't written you back personally yet (I'll be getting back to you within the day). Thanks so much for your support, you guys have helped me out immensely, and I'm going to have a great time working on these!

Hey everyone!

I'm currently between jobs and freelance gigs, waiting to hear back on a couple of interviews...and very much in need of some income to pay the bills and get by.
As such, I'm opening up commissions at way discounted prices!

Head/bust character drawing-  $10
Full-body drawing- $20

Full color Head/bust portrait- $30
Full color full-body portrait- $50

I don't have a specific number of slots open, I'm just going to close commissions before I feel the work load and wait time has gotten unrealistic/unreasonable. Please message me if you're interested! Payment is done via Paypal, and you'll be refunded if the work isn't done close to the date I estimate for its completion.
Hey all,

Have you ever wanted to have stuff with my art on it? If so, check out my Society6 store at , where it's printed on all kinds of stuff, like blankets and pillows and mugs and whatnot.

Also, I have a few originals available at (Spirit Owl and Spirit Fox), the prices of which have just been reduced (just sayin').
Dearest friends,

To be completely cliché about things, I find myself at a crossroads. Not only am I now apparently writing blog entries in psuedo-old timey fashion, but I've decided I might wish to diverge from the world of game company employeeship and see if I can make it in the wilds of independent artistry. It's scary and exciting and scary, but (and again with the clichés), the most worthwhile things often are. I finally have time to work on personal art, which is awesome, but I must now also more actively reach out into the ether in the hopes of pulling in work, and with it, money.

One of many things I'm doing as a part of this effort is opening up for commissions here on Deviantart, so you may expect to see price and example charts up soon. Please feel free to message me if you have an inquiries about prices or anything commission-related in the meantime.

I've also finally begun efforts to actively promote myself and my work across the social-media world, including tumblr (, Twitter (UlaFish) Facebook ( and instagram (kindratia). I'm going to try to stick to a habit of posting new work, works in progress, and sketches daily.

I have many projects I want to get started, among them a tarot deck (trying to decide between Voodoo Fairytales and Post Apocalyptic Mystics as the theme) and an inter-dimensional travel log, complete with field notes, sketches, and recountings of fantastic experiences in strange worlds.

On top of all that, I'm also engaged and considering a big move...either to the desert wastes of Southern California, or to the beautiful green and overcast lands of the Pacific Northwest.

Hoping that some of this will be of interest to you and that this entry finds you well,

inexplicably old-timey Kindra
To those of you who commissioned me a long time ago and still haven't seen anything for it: I'm still working on your character portraits. I actually am. Some of you have seen the latest progress, some of you have asked for and gotten refunds. If you're one of those who hasn't heard hide nor hair of me in forever, and would rather get your money back than keep waiting, message me. Otherwise, continue to be patient and you'll eventually get your portrait...and it will be much better than what you paid for and what I was capable of at the time you commissioned me. You will also be among the last to receive a private commission from me (unless my circumstances change substantially in the future), as I am going to stop taking them. I just don't have enough time to keep up with my full-time job as a concept artist AND do commissions AND get any personal art done...and if I don't get the time to do more personal work soon, I'm gonna go a bit crazy.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
First time streaming art. It's tough to be creative and entertaining at the same time!…
I made my first internet video appearance today on the Waystone Games Twitch channel community catch-up. Check it out if you're interested in how I come up with my concepts or hearing me talk about how much I love certain parts of the female anatomy. 

I recently did an interview for Alive for Art! Please check it out, as well as their other artist interviews. They go out of their way to find great, lesser-known artists, so there's a chance you'll discover some new inspiration that you might not have found otherwise.
I revamped my blog, wrote an actual post, put some pictures on it, and got a new job!
If I thought I was a good artist, I'd be an even worse artist than I already am.
I'm not saying this because I want people to tell me otherwise. I'm saying it because I think it's the only truly valuable bit of information I have to pass along in regards to becoming a successful artist. Not to say I'm successful; I'm not particularly. I hope that I will be someday, though...and I believe the persistent acknowledgement that I can be so much better than I am is essential to that goal.
"Oh my god, I suck" is a thought I have every single time I work on a piece of art.

I feel like some of the things I've said in the comments clarify this entry quite a bit, so I'll reiterate them here. I'm not in a slump, this is how I've always felt about myself and my art. I also don't mean to say that I never have positive thoughts about my own work. I always do, but they are more along the lines of "my rendering has really improved," or "I'm really starting to get a better handle on anatomy." I just don't look at my work and think "this is great, I'm an awesome artist."
I also don't mean to discourage artists who feel they're not up to "my level" just yet. No matter how much I improve over time, every piece of art I do is a struggle and a lesson. Nothing comes easily. It's frustrating, but it's a good thing. It means I'm learning.
So, I have a personal project I want to get started once my commissions are done and I ACTUALLY HAVE TIME!!!
The project was inspired by two books, one I read and loved a looooong time ago called "I was a Teenage Fairy" (don't judge a book by its title), and a more recent read; American Gods.
"I was a Teenage Fairy" starts off by describing personified versions of the city its characters live in, and repeats that process for every city they visit. It was a wonderful way of giving the reader an idea of the "personality" of a place.  "American Gods" features deities who, in many cases, are personifications of different ideas and things which hold sway over our lives.
So, I want to do a series of character designs/portraits that are personifications of different cities. My wanderlust has kicked in, and this is my way of satiating the urge to travel.
Some of the cities are ones I've been to, many are not.  
Either way, as preparation, I want the opinions and impressions of residents and frequent travelers to these cities.
So, if you have the time and are familiar with any of the places listed below, tell me the first few things that come to your mind when you think of the place, and whatever else you want to say about it. These responses can be as simple or as in-depth as you want. Every little bit of info helps :)
I've also decided I'll be depicting every city (at least to start out with) as a woman. This is mainly because I'm doing this project to relax and enjoy myself, and I loooooove drawing women! The other reason is to limit myself. These cities are so multi-faceted that it will be hard enough depicting each as one person, without first having to decided if they are male or female, young, old, or even human.

If I have fun with these, I'll probably do more. For now, I'm starting with these places:

-New York City, New York (huge and incredibly diverse, I know, but I'm still going to try and depict it as one person)

-Savannah, Georgia

-Chicago, Illinois

-Seattle, Washington

-Austin, Texas

-Boston, Massachusetts

-New Orleans, Louisiana

-Paris, France

-Amsterdam, Netherlands

Also, if anyone has any good name suggestions for my two new baby rats (they're both girls), I'd like to hear them :)
Let me make this known: I am no expert on voodoo. I love and respect voodoo and hoodoo, I learn what I can, but it is an ongoing process. I have often received comments expressing disbelief that so many of the Loa I depict are fair-skinned. Considering voodoo is primarily a descendent of old African beliefs and practices, I'm not surprised by that view. I also get feedback stating the opposite: a goddess (primarily Gran Brigitte) whom I have depicted as black is actually light-skinned.

There are a few reasons for the confusion. First of all, Voodoo is influenced by many cultures, some of them western. the slaves of Haiti and the Americas, who had the greatest part in shaping the Loa I depict, were forced to hide their beliefs under the veneer of Christianity. They often used catholic iconography and depictions of white saints to represent their gods. In addition to that, western beauty ideals have, unfortunately, seeped into many a culture in which they are by no means the norm. Many of the female Loa that are meant to be beautiful are depicted as white or biracial, with either red or blonde hair.
In the case of Gran (also known as maman) Brigitte, I painted her how she presented herself to my mind's eye. I knew of her character but not her appearance. Part of me didn't want to know what she was supposed to look like. I often feel that black women are underrepresented in the arts, and I wanted at least a few of the ladies of my Loa pantheon to be dark-skinned.

I have yet to research this, but I'm pretty sure that some of these gods are depicted in a variety of ways to begin with. I suspect these differences might be according to region and the varying nature of the Loa themselves. I assume this because of the opposing statements of many of my watchers, most of whom are learned in the subject themselves.

Considering again that I still have a lot to learn about voodoo, all of the feedback I receive is appreciated and much needed. However, the Loa are complex and dualistic figures, with tastes and personalities all their own. I hardly feel that their skin color is the most important thing to know about them.
Doing artwork based on people you know without asking or informing them beforehand: creepy or flattering? Honestly I am so clueless when it comes to social niceties.
I once created a satirical portrait of Stephenie Meyer while at Illustration Academy. I had to make fun of someone, and she's the one I chose. I am so glad I did, because angry Twilight fans are pretty darn amusing when they're actually coherent. Some time later, one such fan and former friend of mine went out of his way to write this on my DeviantArt profile page after years of little to no contact whatsoever:

Charlie-is-Irritated 2 days ago
So, the majority of everyone who has an opinion worth a shit has said that Twilight has a better male actor, female actor, fight/kiss scene, and movie than Harry Potter does.

In your face, so to speak.


Funnily enough, I have never mentioned Harry Potter any of the times I've written anything against Twilight. In my face, indeed.

Here are some other gems, left as comments on my Stephenie Meyer piece:

!kennan12 Nov 3, 2010
shut up you bitch

UlaFish Nov 3, 2010
Are you talking to me or Stephenie? If you're talking to me you are obviously a glittering example of the Twilight fandom. Your witty rhetoric and obvious respect for the opinions of others has effectively put me in my place.

!kennan12 Nov 4, 2010
yes its to you and thanks for understanding

~UlaFish Nov 4, 2010
No problem. Thanks for calling me a bitch.

!kennan12 Nov 7, 2010


kennan1234 May 2, 2011
if no one on here LOVES the series, and i mean LOVES, then I must get on with you and say that I will not ever look at your profile, because of what VILE things there might be on it

~UlaFish May 4, 2011
Cool cool, I don't get along all too well with Stephenie Meyer fans anyway :) By the way you may want to try articulating your thoughts a bit more clearly, it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out what the hell you're talking about.

kennan1234 May 4, 2011
oh, then you would rather me matriculate

well never mind then okay


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I got the job at 38 Studios as a cinematics illustrator! I couldn't be more happy or excited. Everyone I've met so far who works there is not only really nice, but ridiculously talented. I can't wait to work with them. I'll be moving to Providence, Rhode Island in two weeks :D
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So a lot has been going on with me. I graduated from Ringling with a bachelors in illustration in May, and now I'm on the cusp of (hopefully) getting my dream job at 38 studios, a company that develops games, movies, novels...all kinds of awesome stuff. I have this awful feeling that I don't deserve for something so great to happen to me, (does anyone else ever feel that way?) so I'm going to start working to be a better person in general. I'm pretty superstitious in spite of myself... I fear the karmic kick in the butt.

I'm also still working on, and will soon be taking, more commissions. I'll be submitting a few Japan-inspired prints, the proceeds of which will be donated to tsunami relief efforts.
Since the last time I posted, I moved to Michigan from Florida (where I got to live with my best friend K-J-Maling (, and pretty soon I'll either be headed to South Carolina or Rhode Island. I also got four awesome pet rats- Juliet, Scully, Rogue, and Jasper.

To everyone who has been leaving me comments and crits and watching me: thank you so much! Your feedback is encouraging and helpful and I'll try to respond to more of you individually.

I'm working on a personal website right now, I'll post the link to it whenever it's done. Until then, my artblog is at . I'm thinking of redesigning it and also trying to be a bit more prolific. Right now it's essentially a glorified art dump :P
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To my commissioners: Rest assured I am still alive and still working on your requests. Although it's taking me forever to finishe them, my intention is that you will all be getting much more than what you have paid for.
I'm currently in the last few months of my college career, and swamped with work for my thesis, my two other studio classes, and my two liberal arts classes.I have a lot of pieces in the works, including two short, illustrated children's stories, a contest entry for LucasArts, ten book covers, conceptart for a few differnet graphic novel ideas of mine, and some fanart (for what, I won't say just now). I don't plan on submitting any of it until all of my commissioned pieces are finished and submitted. Needless to say, you can expect a pretty enormous deviation stack from me sometime in the near future.
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Sorry for the belated update! I've been working on the pieces more or less simultaneously.  

1. Aazure-Dragon -finished
2 Kalamu -nearly finished, expect in a few days
3. Kalamu
4. Tomay-Ri -nearly finished, expect in a few days
5. Tomay-Ri
6. Crono8 -nearly finished, expect in a few days
7. Crono8
8. Darktoki -done in about a week.
9. Darktoki

The rest are about halfway done, I expect to get them finished and sent out within the next week and half to two weeks. Thanks everyone for being so patient!

I've just gotten over an extended bout of illness...thank goodness. Not only that, but I have 4 full days of time off from school ahead of me. Updates on commission progress coming up soon. Thanks again to everyone who got a slot!
Well, all the slots just filled up. Depending on how long these take me, I may or may not open up more sale slots before I set up normal pricing. Thanks so much to everyone who signed up! I'll be posting weekly progress updates as well as information about future commission work.
I'm going to have fun working on all of your characters!

Before I set up a full-fledged commission page with price guide, I want to start out by seeing if anyone is interested in commissions from me to begin with. (I've never done any commissions via deviantart before). Starting today, I'm opening 20 slots for $5 full-color character portraits (head and shoulders, plain b/g). Anyone who requests one of these will receive 15 percent off future, full-price commissions.

My paypal account email is
I will begin your commission after receiving payment.

Thanks in advance to anyone who signs up!

Please keep in mind that even if the reference you give me for your character is anime, I'll still render it in my own style unless you specifically request it.

1. Aazure-Dragon
2  Kalamu
3. Kalamu
4. Tomay-Ri
5. Tomay-Ri
6. Crono8
7. Crono8
8. Darktoki
9. Darktoki
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Has critique week already happened? I didn't get any crits for any of the pieces I submitted. Oh well, I'll just post on's Critique forum.

If anyone else is frustrated about not getting helpful critiques, this is a great place to put up your work.…
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